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Cardiovascular Technologist

Job Summary

The Cardiovascular Technicians/Technologists are responsible in diagnosing and treating patients with cardiac and vascular diseases. The CVTs perform cardiovascular examination and therapeutic procedures to create an easily definable data from which correct anatomic and physiologic diagnosis may be developed for each individual patient.


  •  Perform all the non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic procedures including ECG, stress test, echocardiogram, stress echocardiogram, pharmacological stress echocardiogram, Holter monitoring, pulmonary function test, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and others.
  • Improve and maintain core competency and best practices via continuous medical/nursing education and trainings.
  • Comply to the industry standards as well as the companys’ policies and procedures.


  • Bachelor Degree in Cardiovascular Technology / Cardiac Physiology / Biomedical Sciences, Advanced Diploma in Cardiovascular Health, Bachelor Degree / Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Medical Assistant / Medical Laboratory Technology, or equivalent
  • Candidate with Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Sciences, Bachelor Degree / Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Medical Assistant / Medical Laboratory Technology must have at least a certificate in Cardiovascular Technology or the relevant training at a Cardiac Institution.
  • At least 1 to 2 years relevant working experience in Non-Invasive Cardiac Diagnostic Laboratory and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory setting.

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