CVSKL and Alpro Group Unite to Launch “Synergistic Hearts” Campaign for Enhanced Cardiovascular Care

CVSKL x Alpro - Malaysia Kini

Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur (CVSKL) and Alpro Group proudly announce the initiation of the “Synergistic Hearts” campaign. This collaborative effort seeks to elevate cardiovascular health within the community, with a specific emphasis on addressing irregular heart rhythms, commonly known as arrhythmia.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a type of irregular heart rhythm condition that affects the upper chambers (atria) of the heart. This arrhythmia prevents blood from being pumped efficiently to the rest of your body. AF itself is not life-threatening but if left undiagnosed and untreated, it can result in complications such as stroke and heart failure. It often manifests without obvious symptoms, allowing it to go undetected for long periods of time. Recognising the significance of early detection and intervention, the “Synergistic Hearts” campaign emphasises the importance of proactive measures to mitigate the impact of irregular heart rhythms.

A momentous occasion marking a strategic alliance between leading healthcare providers that are committed to a healthier, heart-conscious community, bringing cardiovascular services closer to the community.

As part of this pioneering collaboration, CVSKL is providing 20 units of KardiaMobile Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) Monitor device, a cutting-edge technology that allows for a quick 30-second test to detect reliable, medical-grade ECG results. These devices allow customers to receive prompt results and advice from well-trained pharmacists, guiding them on the next steps in managing their cardiovascular health. The expertise of CVSKL’s reputable cardiologists and electrophysiologists, Datuk Dr. Razali Omar and Dr. Zulkeflee Muhammad has played a crucial role in shaping the campaign’s approach to addressing irregular heart rhythms, ensuring that the community receives the most advanced and comprehensive cardiovascular care.

Regarded widely as a tertiary referral centre, patients from all over Malaysia are referred to CVSKL to seek further cardiac and vascular treatment, especially if their cases are deemed complex by their primary doctor. CVSKL is strategically located in the nation’s transportation hub, KL Sentral where most of the passenger rail networks serve KL Sentral station. Recognizing this. CVSKL also has an initiative with KTMB and KLIA Ekspres to provide free return train tickets from the stations that arrive in KL Sentral.

Tan Eng Ghee, Chief Executive Officer of CVSKL stated, “We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Alpro Group, recognising the invaluable role pharmacists play in changing the narrative on how Malaysians should care for their hearts.  Together, we are dedicated to advancing cardiovascular care, ensuring that individuals receive the support they need for a healthier and heart-conscious community.

In appreciation of Alpro’s commitment to this partnership, CVSKL is extending a 10% discount to Alpro Pharmacy members and employees. This discount applies to CVSKL room rates (for self-paying patients), DishRoom restaurant services, PulsePoint Pharmacy products, and Health Screening Packages (HealthScan & Gastro), all available in CVSKL.

“We thank CVSKL for working with us as it will enhance our pharmacists’ ability to better serve the communities,” stated Ph Lim En-Ni, Chief Pharmacist. “Pharmacists play a unique role in the healthcare ecosystem, offering accessible and trusted healthcare advice alongside longer operating hours and convenient locations. This collaboration leverages these strengths, empowering us to identify potential risks early, guide patients towards appropriate next steps, and, above all, instil confidence and reassurance in every healthcare interaction, ultimately contributing to a healthier community.”

In an industry where collaborations between hospitals and retail pharmacies are rare, the partnership between CVSKL and Alpro Group, the holding company of Malaysia’s largest prescription pharmacy chain – Alpro Pharmacy, emphasises a common commitment to enhancing patients’ well-being. This strategic alliance recognises the distinctive role of pharmacists within the healthcare ecosystem who often develop personal connections with patients who frequent their pharmacies and are uniquely positioned to promote cardiovascular care. Klang Valley, Seremban and Johor have been selected for the initial phase of this collaboration.

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CVSKL wins “Cardiovascular Care Hospital” of the Year Award

KUALA LUMPUR (March 24th, 2023) – Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur has been awarded the prestigious BrandLaureate Brand of the Year Awards 2023 in the category of Hospital – Cardiovascular Care. This recognition is a testament to CVSKL’s commitment to being the dedicated Centre of Excellence for cardiovascular care.

The BrandLaureate Best Brand Awards celebrates enduring brands that have displayed exceptional brand leadership to thrive and strive amid adversities and emerge as sustainable and awe-inspiring brands. The award ceremony was held at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, hosted by The World Brands Foundation.

CVSKL Chairman Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Yahya Awang commented on the recognition of this award. “We are proud that our integrated and patient-centric options for cardiovascular treatment are being recognised, The team of specialists at CVSKL pledged to treat the heart “with heart” and we are glad to be reaching new levels of brand leadership”.

CVSKL has also recently celebrated its major milestone of reaching the 50th Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) case. TAVI is a highly complex, minimally invasive procedure indicated for individuals with severe aortic stenosis where surgery may not be suitable. The significant milestone is also another testament to CVSKL’s commitment to providing patients with the most advanced and innovative treatments available.

Established in 2017, CVSKL as one of Malaysia’s first private cardiac and vascular hospitals has earned a reputation for being a leader in cardiovascular care. CVSKL has established specific Centre of Excellence Programmes: Structural Heart, CHIP, Arrhythmia, Vascular & Endovascular, Heart & Lung, and Cardiac Diagnostics to cater to each and every patient’s needs.

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KTMB on board with CVSKL to provide free ets rides for CVSKL patients

With healthcare tourism beginning to find its way back to Malaysia, KTMB and CVSKL have officially launched their partnership initiatives in providing free rides for patients across West Malaysia. This initiative that was held at CVSKL aimed to promote domestic healthcare tourism and enhance the healthcare industry in providing hassle-free transportation for patients who need critical cardiac and vascular treatments.

CVSKL is strategically located in the nation’s transportation hub, KL Sentral where most of the passenger rail networks serve KL Sentral station. Regarded widely as a tertiary referral centre, patients from all over Malaysia are referred to CVSKL to seek further cardiac and vascular treatment, especially if their cases are deemed complex by their primary doctor.

The KTMB – CVSKL partnership was piloted in 2022 with encouraging ticket redemptions. With the official launch, both parties hope to improve healthcare tourism by providing more seamless access for patients who are living in the greater Klang Valley. In attendance at the ceremonious occasion was Chairman of CVSKL, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Yahya Awang, Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Surendran Thuraisingham, Yang Berbahagia, Datuk Mohd Rani Hisham Samsudin, Group CEO of KTMB Berhad and representatives from both companies.

Commenting on the purpose-driven commitment, Datuk Mohd Rani Hisham Samsudin highlighted his enthusiasm to facilitate medical tourism by offering comfort and convenient transportation. Quoting Datuk Mohd Rani Hisham Samsudin, CEO of KTMB Berhad, “We are delighted to be part of this initiative that aligns with the mission of KTMB; to provide safe, reliable, comfortable and sustainable rail services on time, every time.”

Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Yahya Awang commented, “CVSKL is recognized as a Centre of Excellence for all cardiac and vascular matters. The patients that we treat not only come from the Klang Valley but greater cities such as Butterworth, Padang Besar and Ipoh. We hope that this initiative will provide better convenience to our patients and we’d also like to thank KTMB for supporting this wholeheartedly.”

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Surendran Thuraisingham, Consultant Cardiologist of CVSKL also emphasised “This collaboration allows us to address patients’ needs at the same time looking after their transportation welfare, which is what we as a hospital aim to achieve; to envision the patient journey even before they get to the hospital and to make it easier for them.”CVSKL hints at more partnerships with other rail lines, to further serve the community.

With the official launch of this program, CVSKL and KTMB Berhad hope that fellow Malaysians will make use of the free rides offered to CVSKL patients. For more information on the redemption, please call or Whatsapp us at +603 2276 7002 during our normal office hours or email us at



How do you know if you have heart failure or if it is getting worse?

Heart failure is a syndrome of ventricular dysfunction where the heart muscle becomes weak and can’t pump blood and oxygen around the body as well as it usually does.

For people with heart failure, the heart muscle would try to adapt by increasing in size and thickness. But over time this would cause the heart not to be able to contract or relax properly. When this happens, you will experience shortness of breath, fatigue, swelling in the legs, ankles and feet and many other symptoms.

在这次采访中, Dr Tamil Selvan Muthusamy, Consultant Cardiologist from Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur (CVSKL) will be sharing his insights on the different aspects of cardiology in heart failure, angioplasty, heartbeat rate and more!

Dr Tamil Selvan Muthusamy, Consultant Cardiologist from CVSKL

The volume of blood pumped by the heart is determined by:

  • The contraction of the heart muscle — how well the heart squeezes
  • The filling of the heart chambers — how well the heart relaxes and fills with blood

Heart failure is classified based on which of these two functions is abnormal. If the heart muscle is too weak, the condition is known as heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF).

Ejection fraction is used to evaluate the heart’s pump function; it is the percentage of blood pumped from the left ventricle (the main pumping chamber) per beat. Normal ejection fractions are greater than or equal to 50%.

Dr Tamil Selvan explained that apart from enlarged hearts, there are also heart conditions which are difficult to recognise. This condition is known as heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). It is where the heart pumps normally but is too stiff to fill properly.

Treating the Underlying Causes

A number of conditions can contribute to heart failure such as:

  • Coronary heart disease – where the arteries that supply blood to the heart become clogged up with fatty substances, which may cause angina or a heart attack.
  • High blood pressure – this can put extra strain on the heart, which over time can lead to heart failure.
  • Conditions affecting the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy).
  • Narrow and leaking heart valves.
  • Congenital heart disease – birth defects that affect the normal workings of the heart.
  • Infiltrative Cardiovascular Diseases: Cardiomyopathies – Deposition of abnormal substances that cause the ventricular walls to become progressively rigid, thereby impeding ventricular filling.

Metabolism problems such as diabetes, consuming too much alcohol, an overactive thyroid or high pressure in the lungs (pulmonary hypertension) can also lead to heart failure.

What should my heart rate be?

The heart rate is one of the most important indicators of health in the human body. Physical activity, threats to one’s safety, and emotional responses would all cause variations in our heart rate.

A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Generally, a lower heart rate at rest implies more efficient heart function and better cardiovascular fitness.

“While a normal heart rate does not guarantee that a person is free of health problems, it is a useful benchmark for identifying a range of health issues. If your baseline heart rate is constantly high even if you are at rest, this would greatly affect your cardiovascular health. This is also another sign that you should consult a medical practitioner to make sure that there is no underlying heart disease,” said Dr Tamil Selvan.

What happens if arteries become clogged with plaque?

Healthy arteries are flexible and elastic. But over time, the walls in the arteries can harden, a condition commonly called hardening of the arteries.

Dr Tamil Selvan explained that arteries can become blocked up because of the deposits of plaque — the buildup of fat, cholesterol, cells, and other substances. This condition is called atherosclerosis. These buildups narrow your arteries, decreasing blood flow to your heart which would cause chest pain, shortness of breath or even a heart attack.

Although atherosclerosis is often considered a heart problem, it can affect arteries anywhere in the body.

Angioplasty: Treatment for Heart Disease

Treatment of heart attack is one of the great success stories in modern medicine. A number of innovations have made this dramatic progress possible.

One of them is known as angioplasty, a procedure for quickly restoring blood flow to the heart muscle is one of these key innovations, and it is the best treatment for stopping a heart attack that is in progress.

Angioplasty is often combined with the placement of a small wire mesh tube called a stent. The stent helps prop the artery open, decreasing its chance of narrowing again. It also reduces scar tissue from forming.

After an Angioplasty

While successful angioplasty improves blood flow in your arteries, it doesn’t fix the underlying condition that causes the buildup in your arteries. To reduce the risk of further blockage in your arteries, you should:

  • Stick to a heart-healthy diet low in saturated fat
  • 定期锻炼
  • Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption
  • Manage your stress levels.
  • Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol down

Outlook for heart failure

Heart failure is a serious condition. It can severely limit the activities you’re able to do and is often eventually fatal. Hence, if you have an underlying heart condition, it’s important to talk with your doctor about these problems.

CVSKL is an integrated cardiac and vascular hospital, one of Malaysia’s heart attack centres that offer comprehensive modern care for patients. Visit CVSKL to make an appointment with CVSKL’s team of experienced specialist doctors and cardiologists today.


Caring for one heart to another through free heart treatments

KUALA LUMPUR (NOVEMBER 26, 2022) – Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur (CVSKL) commemorated its 5th Anniversary this year with its annual Charity Day; this time with the support from CVSKL 基金会, a charitable non–profit organization founded by prominent healthcare professionals and governed by a distinguished Board of Trustees who are industry leaders in various sectors. 

CVSKL Charity Day is spearheaded by its Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Yahya bin Awang who believes that private hospitals should always contribute back to society, especially the underprivileged segment who may not be able to afford medical treatment. This campaign has benefitted many B40 patients and now with the CVSKL Foundation as its charity partner, they can increase the assistance to a greater pool of cardiac and vascular patients. Among the cases that were done were angioplasties, arteriovenous fistula (AVF) creation, and Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG).

This initiative was also strongly supported by our long-term partners in the medical industry such as Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Biosense Webster, Orbus Neich, Alvi Medica, Bard, B. Braun, Mitsu Scientific, Terumo, MK Trimedic, Medisense, Stellar Medical, BKS Medik, HNA Medical, Biosensors, Cook Medical and Gaia Medical. The participating doctors waived their professional fees and the hospital complemented these efforts by waiving all charges.

Tan Sri Datuk Seri Rashpal Singh Randhay, Chairman of CVSKL Foundation shared that “One of the missions of CVSKL Foundation is to provide support for low-income group patients suffering from cardiothoracic and vascular diseases. On behalf of the trustees, we’d like to thank CVSKL for extending a helping hand to these patients.”

Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Yahya Awang, Chairman of CVSKL also commented on the philanthropic effort, “I am proud that we can make this an annual occasion to highlight our core belief as a private heart center in giving back to the society as much as we can. I am proud that this continuous effort has made an impact on our underprivileged patients and thankful that we were given such a meaningful chance to aspire others to do the same to improve the quality of healthcare to ensure the B40 patients are not being neglected.” 

Being the first private cardiac hospital in the region, CVSKL is looking forward to many more future charitable contributions via CVSKL 基金会 non-profit body to strengthen their CSR presence in Malaysia. The foundation is currently open for donations where no amount of contribution is too small or too big. 

For more information, please call or Whatsapp us at +603 2276 7002 during our normal office hours or email us at





在这次采访中, 李立群医生, 吉隆坡心脏血管中心的心脏病专家 (CVSKL) 将分享她对心脏病发作的典型症状、心脏筛查过程、个人可以做些什么来降低患心脏病的风险等方面的见解。










  • 某些先天性心脏病
  • 扩大或增厚的心肌使血液更难从心室泵出
  • 导致心脏衰弱的缺血性心脏病





心电图(ECG 或 EKG): 测量心脏的电活动并记录有关心率和节律的信息。

运动心脏负荷试验: 包括在跑步机上以越来越高的难度行走。在此测试期间,医生会使用 ECG 检查您的心率、血压和心脏电活动。这有助于检查在压力下是否有足够的血液流向您的心脏。

冠状动脉CT血管造影: 使用 CT 和对比材料创建冠状动脉的三维图像。这有助于您的医生查明确切位置、斑块积聚(钙化和非钙化)的程度,以及您的冠状动脉是否存在阻塞或狭窄(称为狭窄)。


  1. 实行健康饮食
  2. 保持健康的体重
  3. 开始运动(身体活动)
  4. 避免吸烟或使用烟草
  5. 管理你的压力水平



CVSKL 专注于为心脏病和血管疾病患者提供全面的现代护理,拥有卓越的成就和专业知识记录。他们精心挑选的敬业专家团队可确保最高标准的循证和专业护理。

Visit 今天就与 CVSKL 经验丰富的专科医生和心脏病专家团队进行预约。


与 Maggy Wang 揭幕#BreakTheHeartAche 活动小组讨论


及早发现心脏病是确保及时诊断和治疗的第一步,最终会带来更好的结果。目前,约有 340 万马来西亚人患有一种或多种风险因素,即高胆固醇、高血压(高血压)和糖尿病。心脏病一直是并且仍然是马来西亚的头号杀手。

患有心脏病可能会非常令人沮丧,尤其是当它看着您所爱的人经历康复期或更糟糕的是,中风导致瘫痪时。主题 #BreakTheHeartache,这项运动旨在通过采取积极的方法来照顾自己的心脏,从而打破因诊断出心脏病而给他们自己或他们所爱的人带来的身体和情感上的痛苦。在社交媒体名人和企业家的推动下, Maggy Wang, 她最近与 CVSKL 和 Viatris 合作主持了一场小组讨论。

在讨论中,Maggy 分享道:“看起来健康和身体健康不是一回事,因为心脏病可以影响任何人,这就是为什么我一直提倡定期健康检查以及早期发现和筛查的重要性。 ”当被问及与 CVSKL 合作开展这项活动的原因时,Viatris 的国家经理 Jeff Bote 分享道:“降低心脏病风险的关键是提高认识和寻求早期治疗。我们很自豪能与 CVSKL 合作,让马来西亚人无论年龄或风险因素如何,都能过上更健康的生活。” CVSKL 心脏病专家 Al Fazir Omar 博士也借此机会建议所有参与者进行年度健康检查,因为了解您的健康状况是解决任何健康问题的第一步.

在参加小组讨论的人中,有 16 名 Maggy 选定的追随者,他们通过竞选标签分享了他们的故事, #BreakTheHeartAche他们与 Dr. Al Fazir 一起坐下来解决心血管疾病症状的紧迫问题,并帮助听众了解患者管理生活方式习惯的风险之旅。

有关更多信息 Essential Heart Screening, 请致电或 WhatsApp 我们 +603 2276 7002 或电邮至




然而,马来西亚的心脏病患病率却在不断增加。以前是老年人的病,现在看得更早了。根据 Department of Statistics of Malaysia 2021, 缺血性心脏病(由心脏动脉狭窄引起的心脏问题)仍然是主要的死亡原因,在 2020 年经医学证实的 109,155 例死亡中占 17%。

有些症状甚至不会发生在您的胸部,而且要判断发生了什么并不总是那么容易。如果您年满 60 岁、超重、患有糖尿病、高胆固醇或高血压,则尤其如此。您拥有的风险因素越多,您患心脏相关问题的可能性就越大。


#BreakTheHeartAche 是一项公共教育活动,旨在提高马来西亚对心脏病的认识。该活动由吉隆坡心脏血管中心和马来西亚 Viatris 联合举办,强调及早发现心脏问题并寻求相关治疗的重要性。

根据主持人、播客和健身企业家的说法 Maggy Wang 他也是活动大使,#BreakTheHeartAche 是一项主要强调心脏病问题的活动,例如高血压、糖尿病和高胆固醇。

Maggy Wang,#BreakTheHeartAche 活动大使

“看起来健康和身体健康不是一回事,因为心脏病会影响 大部分人.例如,如果我们看看今天的生活方式,我们大多数人更喜欢食用大量现成的加工食品和快餐。摄入过多会增加饱和脂肪的摄入量,从而增加心脏病发作、胆固醇、中风和许多其他并发症的风险”





CVSKL 心脏专家 Dr. Al Fazir

根据 Fazir 博士的说法,心血管疾病(心脏病)是指一组影响身体心脏和血管的疾病。一个人可能会出现胸部不适或呼吸急促的症状,但有些患者可能根本没有任何症状。



Dr. Al Fazir 指出,心脏病的症状会因病因而异。一些症状包括:

  • 左侧/中央胸痛。
  • 出汗。
  • 头昏眼花。
  • 呼吸短促
  • 背疼
  • 左臂疼痛,偶尔会放射到下巴



Dr. Fazir 进一步解释说,有一些常见的测试可以诊断心血管疾病,其中包括:

1.验血 评估您的基线血液读数,例如测量您的胆固醇糖和肾脏水平。

2. 心电图检查 (ECG) 记录您心脏的电活动。

3.超声心动图 – 超声波(类似于婴儿扫描仪)使用声波可视化您的心脏结构


5. 在需要时使用先进的工具来详细评估您的心脏,例如 心脏CT和心脏MRI.

6.冠状动脉造影, 当患者有明显冠状动脉疾病或不稳定症状的证据时


活动主题 #BreakTheHeartAche 诞生的目的是教育人们打破心脏病的耻辱感并遏制这种疾病的严重性。

如何 Viatris 支持可持续的医疗保健计划?

根据 Viatris Malaysia 的国家经理 Jeff Bote 的说法,所有医疗保健行业都可以在制定可持续发展计划方面发挥作用。在 Viatris,他们致力于 3 个支柱,即 访问、领导和伙伴关系。

Jeff Bote, Country Manager of Viatris Malaysia

因此,通过与 CVSKL 的合作, #BreakTheHeartAche 活动肯定会向社区传达早期筛查的重要性。众所周知,“预防胜于治疗!”

共同合作 #BreakTheHeartAche campaign?

未经治疗的高血压会导致严重后果,例如心脏病发作、中风和其他心血管疾病。 2019年全国健康发病率调查的最新数据显示, 3 in 10 or 6.4 million people in Malaysia have hypertension. Out of this, half of them are unaware that they have the disease.


这符合 Viatris 的使命,即让全世界的人们在生命的每个阶段都过上更健康的生活。


当涉及到您的身体时,请记住您是负责人。如果您发现任何异常症状,请立即咨询您的医生。不要拖延或忽略它。它可能与心脏病无关——但如果是, 及早发现它可以带来真正的不同!

CVSKL 配备了最新和最先进的设施,是一家专注于心血管护理的卓越中心。今天访问 与 CVSKL 经验丰富的专科医生和心脏病专家团队进行预约。


医生承诺向 CVSKL 基金会捐款 100 万令吉

CVSKL 通过推出 CVSKL 基金会,该医院的第一个基金会旨在为马来西亚贫困患者改善更好的医疗保健系统,特别是那些正在寻求复杂医疗护理的患者。

CVSKL 基金会是一家慈善性非营利组织,由 CVSKL 的医生团队创立,并由各个领域的行业领导者组成的董事会管理。该基金会的目标是支持医学进步和研究计划,提高对心脏和血管疾病的认识,并通过管理收到和筹集的资金为低收入群体提供财政支持。

CVSKL 基金会由其赞助人、森美兰州州务大臣端姑穆赫里兹伊布尼阿尔马胡姆端姑穆纳维尔及其董事会正式成立。主席丹斯里拿督斯里拉什帕尔辛格强调,今天的发布会恰逢其时,当时政府正在将其优先事项从管理 Covid-19 转移到重启国家经济和从影响中复苏。他补充说:“公共医疗服务的高利用率导致设施过度拥挤,导致等待时间更长,可以研究医学研究资助和减轻公立医院负担等举措。我们准备好与卫生部合作,以补充政府在改善马来西亚同胞的社会福祉和健康质量方面的辛勤工作。”

拿督Rosli医生,CVSKL 心脏病专家顾问 , 也递交一张100万令吉的捐款支票予CVSKL基金会。

拿督 Rosli 医生分享说:“CVSKL 基金会的成立是拼图的重要组成部分,它将扩大 CVSKL 作为卓越中心的地位。仅在 2021 年,我们的 CSR 努力总计高达 415 万令吉,惠及 545 名患者。随着 CVSKL 基金会统一和强化这一点,我相信我们能够帮助更多人。”

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Marion Caunter 主持了与 CVSKL 的 Tan Kia Lean 医生关于了解静脉曲张的小组讨论

Marion Caunter 是社交媒体名人、独立企业家,也是三个漂亮孩子的超级妈妈,她主持了一场关于诊断和治疗静脉曲张重要性的小组讨论。标题为‘Knowing Varicose Veins,’ 小组讨论于 3 月 19 日在吉隆坡心脏血管中心 (CVSKL) 举行,是美敦力 (Medtronic) 为提高马来西亚年轻女性对该疾病的认识而开展的公共教育活动的一部分。

该运动旨在为年轻女性提供信息,以识别静脉曲张的早期征兆,以便她们可以在为时已晚之前寻求专业治疗。静脉曲张经常被误解为随着年龄的增长而出现的一种情况,并且由于腿部外观难看而纯粹是一种审美问题。然而,如果不及时治疗,静脉曲张会导致行动不便并影响一个人的生活质量。在更严重的情况下,静脉曲张会限制静脉内的血压,从而阻碍血液循环流向心脏。由于怀孕和体内存在雌激素等风险因素,被诊断患有静脉曲张的女性人数是男性的两倍 ¹。

对于许多为事业和家庭奔忙的女性来说,克服静脉曲张可能会改变他们的生活。在讨论中,Marion 分享道:“作为一名母亲和女商人,我理解女性的忙碌以及她们如何给自己施加如此大的压力,尤其是 20 多岁和 30 多岁的女性,但重要的是要记住,我们需要照顾好自己的身心健康在我们能够关心我们周围的人之前。”

Marion 和她的 10 位 Instagram 追随者都是像她一样的年轻女性,她与来自 CVSKL 的血管和血管内外科顾问 Tan Kia Lean 博士坐下来强调识别静脉曲张早期迹象的重要性以及女性可以采取的预防措施降低他们的风险。陈医生说:“技术在过去 20 年里取得了如此大的进步,我们可以很容易地识别出病情并在它影响您的生活质量之前寻求适当的治疗。如果您怀疑有任何症状,请务必向经验丰富的专业人士寻求帮助,他们会建议您采取必要的步骤。”

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