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What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy. It aids those who have been injured or have a disability. Physiotherapy is helpful especially for post-surgery patients to ease their recovery process. Additionally, it may aid in lowering the future risk of muscle damage.

Physiotherapy is recognized as a type of medical treatment. A physiotherapist will not only focus on the injuries, but also provide advice, counselling, and knowledge for patients to practice exercises during their post-surgery period. Most of the time, physiotherapy is beneficial for people of all ages who have a variety of health issues, such as cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems, neurological problems and musculoskeletal problems.

Penyakit Katup Jantung

Heart valve disease is common, and would only escalate as the patient ages. Heart valve disease happens when one of the valves does not work properly. It could also mean that more than one valve is malfunctioning at the same time. This might lead to a stroke, heart failure, blood clots, and even death. 

An intense workout is prohibited for heart valve disease patients as the heart is not strong enough to provide blood and oxygen to the body. Physiotherapists will provide coaching on specific movements and special exercises for the patients to strengthen their heart and relieve pain.

Benefits of Physiotherapy | Post Heart Valve Surgery

Having physiotherapy after heart valve surgery is essential when a patient is aware of their symptoms.

Physiotherapists educate their patients to recognize the signs and symptoms during exercise. It is important so that patients will understand their bodies more, and make themselves accustomed to their condition after surgery. In addition, they can learn how to take care of themselves and tolerate their condition, as excessive movement might be painful. 

As part of an extensive treatment plan, physiotherapists develop exercise programmes by evaluating the particular needs of each patient and create a specific goal-oriented outcome. Patients can reduce the pain by training the affected muscles accordingly or get manual therapy to relieve pain after surgery, encouraging them to make an effort to move slowly, and at their own pace. 

Other Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physical rehabilitation

Patients with musculoskeletal injuries, neurological problems, and even post-surgery patients would require physiotherapy as one of the most essential processes for recovery. It could be a long process with regular and consistent practice. Therefore, a qualified physiotherapist plays an important role to help with the exercises and physical activities in rebuilding the patients’ confidence.

Avoiding surgery for physical injuries

Consistent and effective physiotherapy can help you to eliminate pain and injuries, hence avoiding surgery in the end. For instance, reducing inflammation and back pain. Inflammation or swelling of the tissues is a common side effect of injuries, causing pain and immobility. 

Physical therapists manage pain, stretch muscles, lower inflammation, and gradually increase mobility by using their expertise and highly specialized equipment. Therefore, it is indeed a great alternative for people who want to stay away from surgery or consume painkillers for an extended period of time.

Physiotherapy At Home

Physiotherapy can be done anywhere. In the hospital, physiotherapy centre, and even at home. It is also encouraged to have a proper physiotherapy session before surgery to prepare yourself physically.

Besides that, it is advised to practice some simple exercises at home, especially for post-surgery patients. Appropriate exercise can help to regain some strength where required. They get to adapt to their new routine through these exercises and therapy sessions.

Finally, here are some simple exercises that patients can do at home demonstrated by our physiotherapists. 

Rehabilitation Services in CVSKL

In addition to physical therapy, at CVSKL we also provide:

  • Rehabilitasi Paru-Paru
  • Rehabilitasi Neurologi
  • Manajemen Rasa Sakit Kronis dan Akut
  • Program Rehabilitasi Pasca-Covid

The physiotherapy department is located on the sixth (6) floor. We provide rehabilitation services to referred inpatients and outpatients in CVSKL with safe and high-quality cardiac rehabilitation to all our patients. Do contact us to serve you with more advice on physiotherapy from our professional physiotherapists now!

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