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Spesialisasi Medis

Spesialisasi Medis

CVSKL houses dedicated specialists in different disciplines including cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiac anaesthesiology, nephrology and gastroenterology.

Bedah Toraks dan Kardiovaskular

Backed by a team of cardiothoracic surgeons, anaesthetists, perfusionists and nurses, we provide adult cardiothoracic surgeries which include aortic, cardiac and thoracic surgery.


We provide a full range of cardiology services; encompassing screening, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for a wide array of cardiac conditions.

Bedah Vaskular & Endovaskular

Discover expert vascular care, from diagnosis to cutting-edge treatments.


Our electrophysiologists offer cutting-edge treatments for arrhythmias and other potentially serious disorders affecting the heart’s rhythm.


Our dedicated gastroenterologist provides a comprehensive range of basic and advanced endoscopic procedures.

Nefrologi (ilmu kedokteran yang mempelajari tentang ginjal)

Our nephrologists treat different types of kidney (renal) and hypertension-related disorders.

Obat Sistem Pernapasan

Using advanced diagnostic technology, our pulmonologist treats simple respiratory diseases to chronic problems that affect the respiratory tract, lungs and bronchial tubes.

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