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Layanan Pengantaran Obat

*Terms and conditions apply:

  1. This service is only applicable for CVSKL patients: mainly for medication refill subject(s) to doctor’s agreement.
  2. Items not eligible for postage are those which are temperature sensitive, explosive in nature, fragile, narcotics, psychotropic and controlled substances.
  3. Medications are subject to import tax duty as per destination country custom regulations. Our delivery service partner shall collect these fees from the recipient(s) directly before delivering.
  4. There may be additional prohibited items for each various destination country, which will be communicated to the patient should any arise.
  5. The patient is required to pay a fixed delivery fee for a maximum parcel weight of 2 kgs following the destination country.
  6. Insurance protection by our delivery service may be purchased additionally subject to patient preference. 
  7. Turnaround processing time from requesting to posting will take approximately 7-10 working days (exclusive of time taken for payment made by the patient).
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