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Health Screening Packages

Early detection of diseases results in better management and treatment of the disease, which decreases the risk of complications and increases the chances of better health outcomes.

At CVSKL, we provide a selection of thorough health checks packages such as HealthScan Screening Packages, Essential Heart Screening Packages, Basic Kidney Screening Packages, Gastro Centre Endoscopy Screening Packages, Elite & Elite Plus Gastro Screening Packages, Umrah & Haji Vaccine Packages.

More information can be found below and book your appointment now to secure the perfect time slot.


HealthScan Screening Packages

Essential Heart Screening Package

Basic Kidney Screening Packages

Gastro Centre Endoscopy Screening Packages

Elite & Elite Plus Gastro Screening Packages

Umrah & Hajj Vaccine Packages


Associate Doctor Programme

Associate Doctor Programme

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Electric Train Service (ETS) Privilege

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