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Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting another symposium talk at Kuantan partnering with IIUM Medical Specialist Centre and had cardiologists, Dr Mohd Ridzuan Bin Mohd Said and Assistant Prof. Dr. Al Baqlish Bin Mohd Firdaus to share their expertise together with our consultant electrophysiologist, Dr Zulkeflee Muhammad on developments in the electrophysiology field.
All three doctors highlighted the different methods and techniques in identifying the signs of AF (Atrial Fibrillation) and updates on dyslipidaemia (high cholesterol) being risk factors for many heart diseases. Dr Zulkeflee has shared his perspective on all the topics which ties back to the heart palpitations and the study of electrocardiograms where he pointed out the indications of the different interval wave of the readings.
We would like to thank IIUM Medical Specialist Centre for working with us to make this symposium successful and thank you to all our dedicated GPs and specialist who participated in the symposium!
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